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Welcome to our website and to Lake Mohawk Country Club.  This tool is designed to serve Members and Guests by providing news and information about our community.  For Members that need help with member-related access, please email carly@lakemohawkcountryclub.com. For special Member information, kindly click the tab at the top of page and log in.


We are always happy to update the various components of our site with news from our community. Please email office@lakemohawkcountryclub.com with any comments.


Our Boardwalk Club Restaurant is open all year. Happy hour is from 5-6 and dinner service is available from Tuesday thru Sunday during the summer months. We can accommodate most special requests. Reservations are available by calling 973.729.5027. Special hours for Members. Check out our Summer Menu here: http://lakemohawkcc.com/assets/resources/Summer Menu '18.docx